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Your fleet and equipment are essential features that keep your company moving; they are crucial to the success of your business. These are the tools to help your operations run seamlessly; ensuring that you deliver your goods on time. Every fleet is unique, and they all have special needs.

Conway Power Washing Co. understands the significance of your fleets and we pride ourselves in providing quality services that will keep them in excellent condition. We give your fleet the attention it needs to improve, prolong its life and boost your reputation. Our team specializes in delivering tailored fleet cleaning solutions to our clients throughout Conway, Arkansas, Gold Lake Estates, Arkansas, Pleasant Valley, Arkansas, Mayflower, Arkansas, Springhill, Arkansas, and Saltillo, Arkansas for 15 years.

Feel the Difference of Our Fleet Cleaning Services

It might seem so easy to just splash running water and apply detergent to your fleet and equipment. However, this must be left to the hands of the experts and professionals only. Our safe cleansers and state-of-the-art equipment were designed to wash as well as clean those hard-to-reach areas and make them feel brand new.

If you choose our fleet cleaning services, you can expect benefits such as:

  • No more dirt, oil buildup, mud, dust, gums, or other debris that cause pollutants. By effectively removing all of these, we keep your fleet from getting vulnerable to premature wear and tear.
  • You’ll get a clean, sanitized, and professional fleet that will reflect well on your business image.
  • Our advanced technology can help your fleet or machine last longer. Thus, you will deal with fewer repairs or parts replacements in the long run.
  • Our skilled team can assess and evaluate an early detection for potential issues. If our team notices something problematic with your fleet, we’ll bring it to your attention immediately so you can get the repair needed promptly.

Protect your vehicles from the effects of sand, dirt, asphalt, road grime, and more. Whether you’re a fleet manager of tractor-trailers or an owner-operator of a van, you want to keep all your fleet investments clean and sanitized! You can rely on Conway Power Washing Co. for top-notch fleet service.

A tidy van exterior and interior make a driver comfortable especially for long drives. Maintain a professional image across the busy streets of Conway, Arkansas with our detailing on trucks and RV’s, chassis undercarriage washing, and interior detailed cleaning.

Tips on How to Choose the Best Fleet Cleaning Company

Fleet washing is a critical process in your business that enhances their aesthetic appeal and boosts safety on the road and maintains luxurious commercial vehicles in good condition always. However, it’s important to note that fleet cleaning services are not equally created the same.

Some fleet cleaning companies in the trade adhere to the highest industry standards. They commit to giving the best customer service at the best competitive price. Meanwhile, other companies will try to do everything possible to lower their rates down.

However, most of the time, lower prices mean substandard cleaning services. As a result, this might lead to possible expensive damage to your fleet vehicles. Just like a major business decision, hiring the right fleet washing experts is a serious matter to maximize all the opportunities.

Here’s a quick guide that you need to consider on how to choose the best fleet cleaning company in Conway, Arkansas:


As a client, you have the right to know some basic information about the company. Things like how long has the fleet washing business been around in the business? What kinds of fleet vehicles do they typically wash and clean? Do they have a good reputation in the power washing and fleet cleaning industry?


You may also start by trying to call the fleet cleaning company and ask some questions and see what kind of answer you get. Are they helpful, friendly or do they act concerned? Do they answer all your questions wisely?


You may also search for solid and honest customer reviews and testimonials by browsing their company’s website. If by chance you can’t find one, feel free to ask for references. And afterward, you may follow up and reach all the contacts they’ve provided.


It’s also imperative to know the type of equipment the fleet washing company uses. Is it specially intended for fleet cleaning purposes? If the company can’t make their equipment clean and tidy, you might not want to trust your fleets with them!


Does the company provide proper training to its employees? Of course, you only want professionals who you can trust to make the cleaning of your fleets properly. Inexperienced employees might create costly damage and expensive equipment repairs to your vehicle parts.

Environmental Concerns

Does the company also have concerns about the environment? You will find out through the kind of cleaning products the fleet cleaning company uses. Eco-friendly detergents will lessen the environmental impact of your fleet washing while providing an immaculate result.

Water Reclamation

Another factor you need to consider is how does the company reclaim the water and do they process it properly? Some companies get the water, but the disposal doesn’t have the proper permits needed.


Just like other services, when it comes to fleet cleaning; you also want to get what you paid for. You might never consider fleet cleaning as an investment today. However, as you see the overall improvement in your fleet’s performance, you’ll appreciate that every dollar is worth it.

So pay enough to a company that you can depend on just like Conway Power Washing Co. does!

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