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Your daily maintenance routine may not be enough to prevent your hardwood floors from normal wear and tear. Sweeping, mopping and vacuuming can only eliminate the dirt and etched grime. But if neglected, these floors will soon start to appear dirty, dull, and saggy no matter how much polishing you do.

Wood floors are all the rage in every interior design setting, from typical to modern and everything in between. Nothing is quite as fabulous as the appearance of clean and shiny wood, and Conway Power Washing Co. is here to help you maintain them. We are the top choice for every home and business owner in the communities of Gold Lake Estates, Arkansas, Saltillo, Arkansas, Mayflower, Arkansas, Conway, Arkansas, and Pleasant Valley, Arkansas.

Experience a Significant Difference with Our Professional Wood Cleaning

Hardwood floor cleaning can brighten both your residential and commercial properties in Conway, Arkansas. This is also beneficial in removing all sorts of debris and pollutants that are trapped underneath the surface. While wood floor cleaning is essential for your flooring’s regular maintenance, it’s all worth the effort.

Your wood floorings can be naturally vibrant and durable. However; they handle so much wear and tear before their natural maturing process begins to happen. You can slow this inevitable process and lessen the chance of creating damage by staying on top with your regular cleaning and maintenance plan.

It’s easier to have a quality wood cleaning service like what Conway Power Washing Co. provides to prevent you from significant amounts of repairs in the future.

What’s Beneath Your Wood Floorings?

Have you ever wondered what could be hiding beneath the pores of your shiny wood floorings? The tiny openings in your woods are the perfect spot where dirt, contaminants, and bacteria build-up. These harmful particles can make your family or pets vulnerable to unsafe environments and it might trigger their asthma or allergies.

Unfortunately, a simple scrubbing or mopping using your hands and knees doesn’t eliminate these impurities. At Conway Power Washing Co. we only invest in the best quality of equipment and eco-friendly cleaning solutions. These are designed to effectively eliminate these kinds of particles from the gaps and surface of your wood flooring.

The Conway Power Washing Co. Wood Cleaning Process

There’s no better way than giving your wood floorings a fresh wash coming from our pro cleaners. Here’s how we do our unbeatable wood cleaning that other power washing companies try to imitate.

Detailed Inspection

Our well-trained technicians will thoroughly inspect the condition of your wood floors, including nicks and other blemishes.

Acrylic or Polish Coating Removal

Our team will then determine if your woods have acrylic or a polish coating. We’ll remove any coating before we proceed with the cleaning process. This is necessary to remove dirt from deep within the wood.

Intensive Deep Cleaning

A technician will secure the surrounding area by putting tape on your appliances or cabinets to not make them exposed to our cleaner solutions. Then, our cleaner specialists will begin the process of cleaning your wood floors using our specialized green-certified products. This will effectively wash all dirt, debris, and pollutants, leaving your floors streak-free and looking brand new.

 A sanitizer can also be applied to further are to effectively eliminate bacteria and germs

Floor Polishing

We apply our specialized hardwood floor polish applied right after your floors have been cleaned and sanitized. Our polish offers a sparkly shine and serves as a protective layer to avoid future damage on the surface of your wood floorings.

Benefits of Hardwood Flooring

In addition to elevating the style of your property, hardwood floors offers also a wide spectrum of benefits including the following:

  •  Great Selection – Woods provides unlimited choices along with the manufacturer’s offering. You can select from various wood colors, species, and types. Homeowners can choose between natural wood or engineered wood, also prefinished or unfinished hardwood flooring.
  • Cleaning – Keeping your hardwood floorings always clean is hassle-free. But for impeccably and long-lasting results, scheduling a regular wood cleaning is the best option.
  • Resale Value – Hardwood flooring boosts the market value of your property. Hardwood floors are often sold more quickly in the market compared to homes that have other types of flooring.

Benefits of Wood Cleaning

Hardwood floorings need to have regular maintenance plans to preserve their beauty and resilience. The wood cleaning process of Conway Power Washing Co. is specifically made for both solid natural hardwood and engineered wood flooring. Like other open surfaces that see regular use; various contaminants like dirt, grime, and debris accumulate over time that can damage wood floors. 

Meanwhile, allergens and bacteria can compromise the overall health of your family as well as your health. Your pros at Conway Power Washing Co. offers many benefits not only to your wood floor but to your entire property including:

  • Effectively eliminates grime, allergens, dirt that comes from pets, pollen, smoke, and other microorganisms.
  • Increases the life of your wood floorings.
  • It provides a superior deep clean compared to a normal mopping and scrubbing.
  • Your woods can serve as a barrier to protect you and your family from any future damage.
  • A durable sparkly clean wood floor.
  • It sanitizes floors to effectively kill germs and bacteria.
  • We use minimal moisture to avoid creating potential damages on your wood floorings and property.

A Team You Can Depend On For Wood Cleaning

Today, the market is full of tons of home cleaning products and retail products made to clean and sanitize hardwood floorings. While these products can provide short-term results, they also cause potential damage. They can allow dirt, grime, and residue to build up over time. 

We at Conway Power Washing Co. understand that wood floors are a major investment in your property. We only deploy the most qualified cleaner specialists to do intensive wood floor cleaning. You can rest easy knowing that you don’t need to worry about long drying times or water damage. 

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